The Green Rug

So I have this green rug, a cheap green rug, a hand-me-down to my sister who handed it down to me, cheap green rug.  Last year I used it underneath the preschool project table to protect my carpet.  Now I have a laminate floor under the project tables, so it was time to figure out what to do with the hand-me-down of a hand-me-down cheap green rug.  First I got to take it outside and scrub the glue, paint, Play-doh, etc, 
out of it.  
Now to figure out what to use it for exactly.  I really need a proper rug time rug, and don't want to spend the $$$ on one, so I tried to figure how I could divide up this green rug so the children would have much needed designated spaces to sit in.  Well it was duct tape to the rescue!!  I love all the fun duct tape I see at almost every store I go to!  I divided my 5x7 rug into sections using a sharpie and a measuring tape, and then I applied the duct tape to the rug. 
 My kids had the job of walking along the tape to press it down into the carpet.  Once duct tape is pressed well into carpet it is there to stay, even with little fingers
picking at it!
 It was fun and easy.  I spent $6 on the duct tape and I have lots left over.  Plus the lovely green rug was free, but they can also be found cheap at home improvement centers, and I bet you don't have to scrub paint, glue, and Play-doh out of one purchased there!

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