Start at the Star Level 3

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Start at the Star (SATS) Level 3, Early Writing:  
Learning to write the letters onto manuscript lines. The three spaces created by the manuscript lines (top,middle, bottom), are taught with the example of the three parts of the plant (the flower, stem, and roots).
Start at the Star: Teaching children to write by simply giving them a place to start.  Letting them see the letters they are learning, by keeping as many extra lines, arrows and numbers out of the way. “Start at the Star”- easy to remember, and learning to write becomes so much easier when you simply know where to start!
***SATS Level 3 Includes***
Worksheets for all letters:
Children will see an example of the letter in the manuscript lines, next to the flower guide, see whether the letter belongs in the flower (top), stem (middle), and/or root (bottom) spaces.  Then trace the letters by
starting at the star.  Lastly they will find the bubbles (located around the boarder) with the correct upper or lowercase letter and fill in the bubbles with bingo markers, stickers, stamps, Q-tip paint dots, fingerprints, crayons, markers, etc. There are 3 correct letters on each side.
Manuscript line teaching sheets:
without letters
These are perfect for teacher instruction when laminated!

Manuscript line letter mats for all letters:
Laminate and use a marker to trace, or use Playdoh, Wikki Stix, etc.
All the letters in one worksheet:
one side
two sides

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