Start at the Star Level 1

Welcome to Start at the Star (SATS) Level 1early writing.  An introduction to the lowercase letters- by far the most frequent letters children will encounter in reading and writing! 
SATS teaches children to write by simply giving them a place to start.  Letting young children see the letters they are learning, by keeping as many extra lines, arrows and numbers out of the way.  “Start at the Star”- easy to remember, and learning to write becomes so much easier when you simply know where to start!
*** SATS Level 1 Includes ***
Worksheets for all the lowercase letters:
Children will see an example of the letter, and trace the letter by starting at the star.  Next they will color a picture (that has the letter as it’s first letter sound), see the picture's word written out, & trace that word.  They will also get familiar with the shape of the letter by filling a dot filled letter with bingo markers (see picture below), stickers (see picture above), stamps, Q-tip paint dots, fingerprints, etc.
Writing practice cards for lowercase letters:
These are great size (quarter paper) for teacher demonstration and extra practice!  Shown above laminated, to wipe and reuse!
Dot filled letter cards:
I recommend laminating these quarter paper sized cards.  Get ready to improve those fine motor skills as well!  All sorts of small items can be used with these, such as:
Pony Beads....Pom Poms....

Watercolor Drops....Play-doh Balls....

Lowercase Letter Mats:
These half paper sized mats should also be laminated for use.  These mats will help the children continue to grasp the shape of the letter by allowing their brain to register a 3D letter.  Examples below show the mats used with Play-doh, Wikki Stix, and small beads (colored rice would work great too).

Lowercase Flashcards:
Perfect for standard flashcard use, or punch holes in the corners and put them on a ring.  Start with just a few and work up to the whole set.
And last but not least, the whole Start at the Star alphabet on one worksheet!  You have the choice of everything on one side, or a two sided worksheet with more space and therefore bigger letters!


But wait! There's more....

Start at the Star Level 2
Start at the Start Level 3!


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