Start at the Star Level 2

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Start at the Star (SATS) Level 2Early Writing: 
After becoming familiar with the lowercase letters in level 1, it is now time to add the uppercase letters.  In this level of Start at the Star, children will learn to recognize upper and lowercase letters as the same letter, become more familiar with the letter shapes, and gain experience writing each letter.
Start at the Star teaches children to write by simply giving them a place to start. Letting young children see the letters they are learning, by keeping as many extra lines, arrows and numbers out of the way. “Start at the Star”- easy to remember, and learning to write becomes so much easier when you simply know where to start!
*** SATS Level 2 Includes***
Worksheets for all 26 letters:

Children will see an example of the uppercase and lowercase letter, trace the uppercase and lowercase letter by starting at the star.  Next they will match the uppercase and lowercase letter by tracing the correct path to the same letter.  Lastly they will see the both the uppercase and lowercase letter as the first letter in the same word, and color the picture.

Writing practice cards:
Dot filled letter cards:
(see SATS Level 1 for more ideas)
Letter flashcards/memory game:

 These cards have double lines along the bottom edge, that way the children will know top from bottom!
Letter mats:
(see SATS Level 1 for more ideas)
Worksheets with all the uppercase and lowercase letters:
for one page...
or front and back...

But wait! There's more:

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